Thursday, May 17, 2012

I got a $15off voucher from Zalora recently for buying one of their items. However, I don't  think I will be using it. So, I am offering to help you to buy using the coupon.(i'm not sure if the coupon is only usable from my acc or from anyone's acc) But you have to hurry because this promotion expires on 31st May. 

2) Browse and find the item you want (Has to be over $30)( OR MIXED ORDERS ADD UP TO MORE THAN $30) 
3) Email me the item and extra info(size,color...)
4) Once I confirmed your order, Proceed to make payment by bank transfer
5) After I have confirmed payment, I will help you order and direct the mail to your address.


1) Voucher is only valid for purchases above SGD30.
2) I am charging an extra $1 for this service 

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Original Price: $33.90
Price you have to pay me: $19.90
I will direct the mail to your address so it will be like you are buying it , but at a lower price=)
Btw, i have this coupon because I bought something from them. They give free coupons when you sign up but those are like $10off for purchases over $50. 
So do check the items out! They have really good quality and amazing items!